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To be able to connect your homebox successfully you need to know what kind of Internet connection you have and other equipments that are dependent on your Internet, such as telephony and television. IP-Television have been reported to work in some cases, but only few. IP-telephony is only supported in Finland for the moment (16 June) but will be supported later on in other countries too. Read through this page on how to install the homebox, if you don't know if you have static IP, PPPoE or MAC-locked Internet and have not succeeded installing your box after reading all this then call your Internet provider (ISP) and ask.

If you have IP-telephone or television through your Internet READ!

Have everything connected as you used too have before you got your homebox, then take the cable you have from your old router/modem to your computer and connect it from your router/modem to LAN4 on your Wippies Homebox. Then connect your computer to the homebox, with cable or wireless (if wireless connect to WippiesHome NOT Wippies). Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or whatever you use...) write in in your address field and press enter. Go to Setup, choose Ethernet Uplink/DHCP (alternative Ethernet Uplink) and press Apply.

DSL-line (Through the telefoneline)

Internet through the phone-socket, remove your old and put your homebox there instead as shown on the picture above. Then connect your computer to the homebox, either with cable or wireless (if wireless connect to WippiesHome NOT Wippies). Wait 10minutes and check if your Internet connection works, if it doesn't you need to setup additional settings. Open your web browser and write and then go to setup. It could be that you need to use PPPoE, that will say password and username for your Internet connection. If you don't know if you have it or what it is contact your Internet provider. Also you will need to know what VPI and VCI settings you need to have, this is different from country to country, i.e Sweden and Denmark have VPI=8 VCI=35 (Though some Internet Providers in denmark can have VPI=0 and VCI=100). Contact your ISP if you are unsure.

This is how you setup your connection if you use PPPoE

And the VPI and VCI settings may vary


List of Danish ISP VPI/VCI settings:

  • TDC.dk - 0/101
  • Tele2.dk - 0/101
  • Cybercity - 0/35
  • Perspektiv Bredband - 8/35
  • Dansknet - 0/101

You are more than welcome to extend this list!


Alot of Danish internet providers use PPPoA instead of PPPoE, then you will use ADSL/PPPoA instead with the correct VPI/VCI settings.


Internet through a regular LAN-connector on the wall that you usually connect directly too your computer. Connect from LAN-connector to LAN4 on your wippies homebox. Connect your computer to your homebox and open your web browser and enter in the address field. Go to Setup, choose Ethernet Uplink/DHCP (alternative Ethernet Uplink) and press apply.

Behind another router

If you for some reason want to use your Wippies Homebox behind another router, connect from your other router to LAN4 on your homebox. Connect your computer to the homebox and open your web browser and enter in the adressfield. Go to Setup and choose Ethernet Uplink/DHCP alternative (Ethernet Uplink)

Problems that could occur

The other router can NOT have the IP-address 192.168.0.* NEITHER 192.168.1.* Because these are already in use by the homebox.

Routers that use 192.168.0.*:

  • D-Link DI/DGL-series
  • Netgear

Routers that use 192.168.1.*:

  • Linksys
  • D-Link DSL-series

If you have either one of these you need to change the IP-address on your old router OR update your homebox to beta (Sauna-27) and change the IP on the homebox.

3G Internet

The homebox can be connected to a 3g-modem and in that way gain access to Internet. To do this you need to have the beta-version (sauna-27). How to be a beta tester


Connect your 3G-modem to one of the USB-ports on your homebox, connect your computer to the Homebox either wireless (then connect to WippiesHome) or by a cable to one of the LAN-ports. Open up your web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari...) write in the adress and press enter. Go to Setup and choose 3G-Uplink. Kuva:Homebox_Internet_Settings_Connection_type-3G_Uplink.Sauna27.pngKuva:Homebox_Internet_Settings-3G_modem_settings.Sauna27.png

  • 3G Username If not in use just write anything
  • 3G Password Same as the username
  • 3G APN Different depending on the supplier you have ordered your 3G internet from
  • 3G Dial Number Is almost *99# for the most of the times
  • 3G CGDCONT Should be 1
  • PIN Code The PIN-code you got with the SIM-card for your 3G-modem

How to find out your APN

Go to Google and write in APN YourSuppliersName ie. APN Telia Or just call your supplier and ask.

APN List


  • Telia - online.telia.se
  • Telenor - internet.telenor.se
  • Tele2/Comviq - internet.tele2.se and/or mobileinternet.tele2.se
  • 3 - data.tre.se eller bredband.tre.se Kontantkort --> net.tre.se


  • Saunalahti - internet.saunalahti


  • Orange - web.orange.dk
  • BiBob - internet.bibob.dk
  • 3 - bredband.tre.dk


  • emt - internet.emt.ee
  • Elisa - wap.internet
  • Tele2 - internet.tele2.ee
  • Bravocom - wap
  • RLE - internet

You are more than welcome to extend this list ^^


The homebox is CURRENTLY only supporting following 3G-modems:

  • Huawei E270
  • Huawei E220
  • Huawei E170
  • Huawei E169 (Works on Sauna-29)
  • Icon 225 (Works on Sauna-29)

Dynamic or Static IP?

You can either have dynamic or static IP-address from your Internet provider. If you have dynamic it means that your IP-adress changes every time you disconnect. Static means that you always keep your IP. If you are unsure if you have static IP you probably don't have it. But if you have connected everything correct and setup it and it still doesn't work you can call your Internet provider and ask.

If you have static IP all these fields should be correctly filled in... not "*"



Some Internet suppliers locks their modems or Internet connection to the first device that connects to them i.e Comhem. For comhem you connect your homebox to the comhem-modem and then turn the modem of for 15minutes and then turn it on again then the problem is solved. Some operators you need to call for them to manually release the MAC. But there are very few operators that use this.

Cannot connect to

  • Connected by WiFi Make sure that youre connected to WippiesHome and NOT Wippies
  • Static IP If you have static IP from your ISP and entered them in your computers you vill have to remove it and make it gain IP-address automatically.
  • 3rd try Try reset the box by taking something thin and long and press in the hole where it is written Reset over. Hold until all lights turns on and then release.
  • Last try Go here!

Cannot connect through Wireless

  • Start with doubblechecking that you are connected to WippiesHome and NOT Wippies, double check that you have written the correct password default: wippieswlan12.
  • Macintosh (OSX) Such as iBook, Macbook and so on does not support WPA-security. Go to My.wippies login with your wippies mailadress and password. Device Settings, Edit, WLAN Settings (Show/Hide) and change "Network hiding" to WEP, write a password on either 5 OR 13 characters and press on Save.
  • Change WLAN radio channel A very common problem is that something else is running on the same radio channel as your wifi does which makes lots of problems. To change i this go to http://my.wippies.com, login with your wippiesmail and password go to Device Settings, Edit, WLAN Settings (Show/Hide) and at WLAN radio channel you try different channels, it may take a while before you find one that is available.
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