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Using a web-camera with the Wippies Homebox

You can connect a web-camera to the Homebox. Pictures are saved to your Wippies webspace folder when the camera is connected and activated. You can watch the web-cam picture also from the Wippies PicBox gallery.

Web-camera activation

  1. Connect a web-cam to the Homebox USB-port.
  2. Log-in to https://my.wippies.com/ administration.
  3. Select Device settings.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. From the Misc. Settings section select show.
  6. To the Isog username section select the webspace name you want the pictures saved to.
  7. Insert your webspace username to the Isog username field.


When you want to start taking pictures with the web-cam, click Active to be selected and press Save.


When you want to stop taking pictures, take off the selection from the Active field and press Save.


  • You can change how often a picture will be saved to the webspace, from the Interval between two consecutive images (in seconds) setting field.
  • You have to have Wippies G-Lite or Big-G service to activate the WebCam feature. WebCam works only with Homebox, web-cam does not work with Wifibox.
  • Homebox will send web-camera picture to the webspace folder webcam always when the WebCam is activated at My.Wippies administration.
  • Support for different models of web-cameras is limited, see below.
    • Mainly the web-cam support is for cameras which have support in the PWC-driver: PWC-cams

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